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Acne Clear Facial
Your Customized Solution for Clearer, Healthier Skin.

This isn't just a facial, it is a transformation.
Transform Your Skin: Deep Cleansing and Treatment, Tailored to Your Acne.

What Is Acne Clear Facial

Acne Clear Facial is specially designed for sensitive skin that gets easily irritated by harsh treatments. No more redness or stinging, just pure pampering for clearer skin.

Forget the “one-size-fits-all” approach. We tailor our Acne Clear Facial to your unique needs, whether it’s the occasional zit, hormonal flare-ups, or even stubborn deep acne.

The gentleness of this treatment makes it the best choice for those with sensitive skin that does not react well with harsh facial treatments. 

Is Acne Clear Facial Suitable For You?

Find out whether our Acne Clear Facial is suitable for you










Papules / Pustules

Benefits of Acne Clear Facial

  • Reduce breakouts and blemishes
  • Soothes the skin by reducing redness and inflammation
  • Smoother texture & brighter glow
  • Prevent the formation of new lesions

Acne Clear Facial Process.


Step 1: : Deep Cleansinge & Exfoliation

Our therapist will perform double cleanse to remove impurities and dead skin cells, allowing for better penetration of subsequent treatment.


Step 2: Gentle Extractions

Our skilled therapist will gently remove blackheads and whiteheads to unclog your pores without causing trauma to the skin.


Step 3: Sterilization

Cold plasma energy will be delivered comfortably, targeting deep-seated acne bacteria to sterilize the skin.

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Step 4: LED Phototherapy

Relax under soothing LED light, which helps to reduce inflammation, promote healing, and protect your skin against future breakouts.


Step 5: Customized Mask

A special mask just for you, tailored to what your skin needs - soothing, hydration, or oil-control.

Real People Real Results









Why Choose Acne Clear Facial?

Safe & Effective

Suitable For All Skin Type

No Downtime

Our Reviews.

Adina Oprea
Adina Oprea
Step into a world of radiant beauty at Cove Aesthetics Medispa! ✨ I recently indulged in their Hydra Dew Facial, and it was pure bliss. The execution was flawless, leaving my skin looking and feeling absolutely amazing! What sets Cove Aesthetics apart is their commitment to excellence. The skin analysis using the SkinCeuticals skin scope LED ensured a personalized approach to my treatment, tailored just for me. This medispa takes pride in its doctor-designed treatments, ensuring a level of expertise that sets them apart. Plus, their 'No Hardsell Policy' creates a refreshing and relaxed environment, allowing you to focus on the rejuvenating experience. Cove Aesthetics Medispa boasts tried-and-tested medical-grade technologies, guaranteeing effective and safe procedures. Each treatment is customized, providing a unique and personalized experience tailored exclusively for you. 🌺 As one of the exclusive authorized retailers of Biologique Recherche and SkinCeuticals, Cove Aesthetics Medispa offers top-tier skincare products to complement their professional services. 🛍️ If you're seeking a medispa experience that combines expertise, personalized care, and exceptional results, Cove Aesthetics is the place to be. Treat yourself to a radiant transformation!
Joanne Ong
Joanne Ong
Came across this place recommended by a friend and I must say, I’m extremely impressed with the level of service and expertise provided. The staff was friendly and knowledgeable, making me feel comfortable and at ease throughout my entire visit. The clinic itself was clean and well-maintained, creating a relaxing and inviting atmosphere. The facial treatment I received was tailored to my specific needs and concerns, and the results were great. My skin felt rejuvenated and refreshed, with a noticeable improvement in its texture and appearance. The esthetician took the time to explain each step of the process, ensuring I understood the benefits and potential outcomes. valuable skincare advice and recommendations for maintaining the results at home. Overall, I highly recommend this facial clinic to anyone looking for professional and effective skincare treatments. The exceptional service, expertise, and results make it a top choice for all your facial needs. Thank you to Suki and Vannes
Tricia Tan
Tricia Tan
Tried the facial and premium booster, satisfied with the glow!
May Chua
May Chua
Love the hydrating premium booster facial!
Manjula Gunawardena
Manjula Gunawardena
Great experience. I went in for a facial to help hydrate my skin. My therapist Suki was really good and thorough. Recommend the facials
V Ng
V Ng
I have been visiting Cove for some time and I love how the staff always takes such good care of me. Cove’s facials were perfect for my sensitive skin and my acne skin cleared up so much. Effective and affordable, I would definitely recommend Cove to anyone struggling with acne or anyone who wants to improve their skin in general.
Mary A
Mary A
I’m very pleased with the improvements on my skin. Doctor Gabriel has been thorough on what treatment suits my skin and on his explanation about my skin condition and needs. Jia Yee has been very accommodating as she suggests treatments and skincare that will further help my skin condition. Facial treatments with Cindy has also been great. I always have a relaxing time whenever I go to Cove!
Doreen Chan
Doreen Chan
Excellent services! Professional customer services by Vannes and Sharon. Also, Suki gave me an assuring and excellent facial service.
Jesslyn Ong
Jesslyn Ong
Nice experience for armpit whitening with Heidi and Cindy


Each treatment will take around 60- 90 mins including consultation with our beauty consultant.

This facial offers a calming experience with the potential for immediate results. While some may experience a slight tingling sensation, most find it manageable and well worth it. The peel gently exfoliates, leaving skin feeling rejuvenated and glowing, with the possibility of reduced redness and blemishes.

During your consultation, our aesthetician will assess your skin type, concerns, and desired outcome to recommend a personalized treatment plan. This will typically involve 3-8 sessions spaced strategically to achieve optimal results.


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