All about Intense Hydration Facial

Cove’s intense hydration facial is a doctor-designed medical facial treatment that is suitable for those with delicate, dry, and sensitive skin. It can help to replenish the skin’s moisture and improve the overall appearance.

Suitable for:

Dry Skin

Ageing Skin


Beautiful skin requires commitment.

Benefits of Intense Hydration Facial
✨ Better and smoother skin
✨ Removes dead skin cells & impurities
✨ Reduce appearance of fine lines & wrinkles
✨ Tighten pores

Enter a world of relaxation and revitalization as we pamper your skin.

The treatment starts off with cleansing and extraction to remove dirt, makeup, and impurities, allowing the subsequent products to penetrate more effectively.

Cryotherapy is used to deeper penetrate our premium ampoules that helps to improve dehydrated skin. The cold temperature can also help to reduce inflammation, redness, and puffiness in the skin.

Next, a relaxing face massage and a customized mask is done to lock in the skin moisture. The treatment then finishes off with stress-relieving shoulder massage and our in-house specialized aftercare product is applied.

Why choose Intense Hydration Facial?

Gentle & effective

Doctor-designed treatment

Requires no downtime

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Frequently Asked Questions

Each treatment will take around 90 mins including consultation with our beauty consultant.

Monthly treatment is recommended.

Light extraction is needed.

We make beauty look easy.

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